‘I cannot believe how good you are’
Clare Osborne BBC

Sometimes all you need is some entertainment either over a meal or across the evening. Whilst many of our events can be tailored to suit an evening event, here are some of our more popular ones

Casino Royal
Time to glam up for our fantastic casino.

Dinner With Malice
Enjoy your meal, it may because it may be your last. Tonight there is murder on the menu.

Footballers Lives
Enjoy the life of the elite as you are pampered like footballers and wags - scandalous fun!

Ghost Hunter
Death threats on mirrors, wine freezing in the bottle and your glasses shaking before your eyes - is it a ghost or a hoax - you solve it.

Gentlemen\'s Boxing Evening
A live boxing match for your entertainment.

Giddy Up
Place you bets with this exclusive horse or dog racing evening.

Indoor Shooting
Laser shooting but indoors.

Movie Premiere
Treat your guests to an exclusive premiere - but with a twist the Paparazzi and fans are looking out for them as they experience a true red carpet treatment.

Voice Activated Snail Racing
It\' going to get loud! The more you cheer on your animated snail the faster they run.

The Strongest Link
Anne Bobingson compares this positive twist on the popular quiz show.

The Unbelievable Truth
Can you spot the hidden truths in our panels narrative of fiction?

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