‘I cannot believe how good you are’
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Corporate Cooking Classes and Cookery Schools

We spend more time preparing and enjoying food than virtually any other leisure pursuit so why not build upon that interest with an event where they learn a new technique or how to create a desired dish. Polly, our head of food based events is a former director of the world renowned Pru Leith school of cookery.

Cinimon Club
Create a number of delicious curries including our national dish - chicken tikka masala.

Create delicious petit fours and chocolates under the direction of our master chocolateer.

After spending time with a professional chef, delegates have the opportunity to compete in teams and use resources to create their own canapés Regardless of previous culinary experience teams can enjoy the food as well as take home new skills in team working.

Cocktail Making
Tom Cruise eat your heart out as you learn the fine are of mixology, identify mystery cocktails and sit back and enjoy a spectacular flaring demonstration.

Come Dine With Me
Create a meal to remember and get marked for hospitality, food and presentation by your guests.

Fruit Carving
Imagine your delight when you can amaze your friends with spectacular fruit and vegetable masterpieces.

Gourmet Wok
Learn how to make crispy duck, sizzling beef and much more as you prepare a Chinese banquet.

Marvelous Meat
Learn how to butcher and prepare meat for better mains.

Market Mahem
You have 4 hours to prepare a local speciality - we drop you off at the local farmer\'s market with barely enough - source the correct ingredients, haggle for bargains and then prepare a dinner to delight.

Moroccan Marvel
Discover the secrets of North African cookery then relax Bedouin style as you enjoy your feast to the accompaniment of snake charmers and belly dancers.

Real Ale Tasting
A real journey through English brewing at it\'s best.

Round The World With 80 Dishes
Teams each prepare taster dishes from different parts of the world. The event culminates with a whirlwind tour of the world looked at through the eyes of a foodie.

Tantalising Thai
Discover the secrets of Thai cookery and spice up your next dinner party.

Wild Dining
You are challenged to find, prepare and cook a dinner from ingredients foraged from the area - will you be eating daffodil delight or jugged hare?

Wine Tasting
Master the fundamentals of wine tasting and perfect your \'sniff, swirl and slurp\' technique.

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