‘I cannot believe how good you are’
Clare Osborne BBC

Incentive Travel
Holt events has an outstanding track record of delivering successful travel solutions and events on brand and on message, providing successful conference and incentive itineraries for group of 10 to 1,500 people through the UK and the world at competitive prices. We recognise the power a well-executed event can have in motivating, rewarding, educating and informing attendees.
We always work closley with our clients to define their overall objectives before planning an event were every little detail will relate back to the original brief, maximising the return on investment at every oppertunity.
What makes us the best at what we do?...

The audience is at the heart of any event we manage, and by understanding their age, gender, job, known preferences, location and motivation, we can devise relevant and effective destinations and event itineraries. We will also take the time to understand our client\'s motivation for running an event; whether to launch a new product, recognise exceptional effort or loyalty, each event will have its own unique characture.
We plan successful events by immersing our team into the brand and culture of our clients understanding;
* Objectives
* Brand Allignment
* Past Decisions
* Exposure of the event - ( Covert or Extrovert )
* Past Venues
* Program content
* Age/ Gender
* Level of Deligates - (Retailer Principle, Sales, Travel distance managers )
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