‘I cannot believe how good you are’
Clare Osborne BBC

Themed Indoor Events

Weather not ideal, but still want a unique event? We can also create unique, engaging half or full day events which will be remembered fondly for a long time to come.

£20,000 Challenge
Each team have to find an innovation which will increase revenue or reduce costs by £20,000+.

Antique Roadshow
Search out bargains and find out who has made the most cash at our auction finale.

Working towards the proposal of the company\'s choice, delegates work to come up with a proposal in style of the hit tv show and present their final ideas to impress our buyers.

Battle Of The Bands
Delegates can work with a professional and compete against each other to create a \'battle of the bands\' style competition.

Catwalk Capers
Teams design and make their own their own clothes to star in their own catwalk show.

Dragon\'s Zen
Each team must come up with a business plan to impress our dragons and get most important of all, get their money.

Makin Movies
You and your team of intrepid movie moguls are looking to make a movie and make it on the silver screen. In order to raise the necessary finance, you are going to make a 3-minute trailer to impress the moneymen.

Radio Play
Script and record your own 10 minute radio play.

The Ultimate Challenge
Each team is given a long list of tasks to work through in a limited amount of time. A mixture of physical and mental activities, with varying difficulties. Each is worth different amounts of points. It won’t be possible to complete them all but it will need strategic thinking and teamwork to win the ultimate challenge.

Rags To Riches
Teams compete in a variety of games, strategically betting their way to the top, aiming to end with the largest amount of money

- Plus -
Ghost Hunt
Lawnmower Man
Murder Most Fowl
School Of Robbers
W   O   R   K   I   N   G