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Corporate Treasure Hunts

Treasure Hunts can be the perfect catalyst for teams to work together and discover the area they are staying in. We have created many unique treasure hunt events to help them discover the geography, history and culture in the area as well as enjoying some of the activities available. Treasure hunts can be organised from 1 to 8 hours.

4x4 Safari
Take to the open road as you navigate around our challenges. Each stop you must complete a challenge to discover an animal - this could be up a climbing wall, in the middle of a lake or even only viewable by helicopter.

Classic Car Conundrum
Head off to the Surrey Hills as you navigate your chauffeur driven classic sports car to follow the clues and discover the sights and history of this fantastic region. Don’t forget to stop and enjoy the sumptuous picnic we have packed for you.

Make your way around the hotel and grounds finding clues and discovering who had the motive, means and method to kill Victor Victim.

Dine Around
Each team is given a menu for their dinner and a brief that each course is in a different restaurant - will they complete their dinner in the time provided?

Teams are led blindfolded into the wilderness and given parts of a map. In a race against the clock and to get back to base, they must work their way through to various sites where they will encounter problems that need solving to gain the needed parts of the map.

The Nutfield Code
It appears that Quaker banker Henry Edward Gurney was not as bankrupt as we first thought. A staunch advocate of education for all, he hid a great treasure within the grounds, leaving clues for you to prove your worth.

Photo Safari
Armed with clues, maps and a camera, you must complete the photo album we have given you with the animals detailed - will you find the Red Lion or will you get stuck on the Coy Carp?

Using a board, dice and markers you must make your way around the board and travel to each location you land on. Complete tasks to purchase a property or (if someone beat you to it) to move on.

Scrap Heap Challenge
Not destinations but items they must beg or borrow - strictly no stealing or buying.

- Plus -
London Cab Trail Orienteering Cab Poker

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