‘I cannot believe how good you are’
Clare Osborne BBC


Background and Trading devisions

The business was formed in 1984 with a business based around managment development, consultancy and event managment.

Large enough to fit your needs
Holt learning and development alone is on target to achieve a trading turnover of around 1 million this coming year- however, this belies the true level of business, as a high level of consultancy services and cross group trading means true levels are significantly higher than this.
The total group turnover is expected to be circa; 2.5 million. We predominantly work from our Surrey national sales centre - a country estate and managment development centre in the heart of Surrey : with small teams based in -
  • Hampshire
  • Derby
  • Livingstone

We benefit from membership of a large group including;
  • Our engagment and conference production arm \'Orangutan Communications\'.
  • Corporate funday and events provider Holt Events.
  • Employee and channel reward and recognition devision Orangutan Reward and Recognition
  • Orangutan Software - software as a service and data managment.

We have a philosophy of concentrating on the core consultancy and account managment roles with peripheral activity either being fulfilled by consultants, outsourced services partners and freelancers- the vast majority of whom we have deveoped a long term relationship with.
We have also invested significantly in technology to fulfill many of the traditional administrative roles. This means that the core team of 17 can cope with levels of work that you would normally associate with much larger organisations.

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